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Vessel Designers and Code Fabricators…

INFERNO routinely furnishes the Certificate of Conformanceon request, stating all materials of construction meet the requirements ofSection VIII, ASME B&PVC and that the Gage itself is designed to perform atthe pressure and temperature listed. It is the vessel designers’ responsibilityto insure that the weld pad gage will adequately reinforce the vessel becausethe weld pad becomes part of the vessel after welding. Vessel geometry as well asweld pad geometry must be considered. We have attempted to show complete dimensionalinformation on the weld pads so that these calculations can be made.

We can increase any dimension on request except the glass counterbore length, “G”, toprovide more vessel reinforcement. Increasing the .34″, .75″, and 1.5″ dimensionsand to a lesser extent the “T” dimension can help significantly.